Friday, August 5, 2011

An Obsession is Born

Doug brought out an old snowmobiling demo DVD and turned it on for a little while.  He and the kids sat down to watch it.  But...well let's zoom in here...

A certain someone was RIVETED.  I mean, he was in another world.  It was pretty humorous to see the difference between his reaction and Charissa's.  If you will notice here, big sis is "reading" her coloring book while Mr. Zoom-zoom is transfixed.

She's still kind of interested but about to go find something else.  
Brandt, on the other hand, is on the edge of his seat.  
He was barking at the screen.

B: "WOOF! WOOF! Snowmobiles!"
Charissa finds her dolly and begins "nursing".  
Brandt is flying through the powder.

B: "Flying! Powder! Snowmobiles! WOOF!"
 Charissa yawns and glances around scratching her neck.

C: "How long has this been going on?  An hour?"
 He can't handle it!  He has to stand up!

B: "Whoa! LOOK at that sweet air!"
 I think we've found a new obsession.

"I'm in love.  With a mountain sled." *sigh*
I think he lives in the right spot.
And he appears to have the right father to share in his joy.

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Donna said...

Ha ha! Your last sentence was my favorite! The whole time I was thinking "Like Father, Like son" :-)