Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I love Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  If you've ever been to her site, you've probably met Charlie, her Basset Hound.  Charlie is a character.  There is something about a gravitationally-challenged face that really warms your heart.

I don't have a Basset Hound.  I have a sainted border collie/whatchamacallit with webbed feet named Missy.  She's an angel.


Unless she's barking all night or killing feathered creatures.

But moving on...

Today, I discovered that I don't need a Basset Hound because I have Charissa.  She is more than willing to give me my daily dose of gravitationally-challenged facial expressions.

 Oh my.
Who teaches her these things?!



I think it's our English heritage.
They tend to get a bit jowl-y...

 Aaaaaaand...we're done.

"Oh hello.  I'm back.  Did you miss me?"

 Maybe I should warn her about her face freezing that way.

"We're done now.  Turn off the camera."

I just like taking pictures of her.  She's pretty gorgeous.  
Unless her face freezes that way.  
It's like the Phantom of the Opera on both sides of her face.


Donna said...

Just to let you know . . . I might have taught her to do the crazy face, but this one did not come from me. This is hilarious!!!

Stephanie Hargis said...

Did you know that Dave and Joanne Schlabach just had a batch of sweet Basset Hound puppies born in their house last week? They are SO cute and they plan on selling them once they are old enough. Interested??? Hahaha! Love your sweet daughter's faces in these pictures!

Hannah said...

Donna - she might have...*ahem* learned them from an even closer her mother ;-) Might. I'm not saying she DID.

Stephanie - I didn't know the Schlabachs had Bassets! I'll bet they are adorable! If Doug would let me have an inside doggy, I'd love a Basset. But currently, even birds are out of the question. The trials I have in this life!!!

Beth Ann Zeller said...

Indeed, in her NATURAL form, she is gorgeous, and so are you! However, who needs a Basset hound when your mother raises the evermost cuter Corgi?