Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paranoid Perfection

Yesterday I mentioned how I am paralyzed by my perfectionism.  I want to do EVERYTHING just so and then end up doing nothing because I can't do it right.  Well, last night as I lay in bed patting myself on the back for these future mail-themselves Christmas cards, I had a sudden vision of horror...

What if they send my card to someone else's list?!?!?

What if my entire group of family and friends receive a photo of an aging dachshund wearing a Santa hat and the message "Merry Christmas from Santa Paws! Love the Mashamakowsky Family" while I sit here in total oblivion?  What if my friends ask, "Do we know the Mashamakowskys?" and throw it away not knowing someone really does love them and the intentions were so good?  What if complete strangers get our card and throw it away?  "Do we know the Fourtners?"

And this little voice inside me said, "Have them shipped to YOU!  Don't you DARE trust them to send your cards to the right spot!  It won't take long.  All you need is to have them mailed to you, then get envelopes and stamps and mailing labels and return labels - but that would be cheaper if you addressed them by hand... - and then just stick and lick and send and there you go!" 

As I lay there in bed with my beloved sleeping peacefully beside me, I sat up in bed and viciously whispered, "Don't you DARE!!"  Then I went to sleep.

But only after I decided to have one sent to me, too.  Just to make sure.

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