Friday, December 31, 2010

A Sunny Winter Day

The weather was just gorgeous yesterday, around 70* I believe.  So we bundled up and ran outside to absorb some vitamin D and run out some wiggles.  Of course, our animals joined the party.  Come with us!

Running to the pond!

 Brandt practices standing on our decrepit old picnic table.

  Jack gets a little personal during his ear scratch :-)

 Clyde gets a little personal, too.  Hello, Clyde.

I placed Brandt on the ground and he was just mesmerized.

"Oh Mama!  It's just so beautiful and exciting out here!"

"Look at the ground!  Look at the grass!"

"Is this edible?"

He stayed on the ground pawing it like a bull for about 5 minutes.  
He's an outdoors type of guy.

And here is our precious Missy.  We are Missy's 4th recorded home.  I say recorded because she was found as a stray so who knows what happened before then.  The man that gave her to us had her spayed at my request and once she was under and they went to find her uterus it wasn't there.  So apparently she'd already been spayed.  That's quite an ordeal to go through twice, but the sweet girl hasn't let on any embitterment.  In fact, she just loves, loves, loves. 

 She loves to be loved, too.

 I know if Charissa kept hugging her for a couple days she would stay in this exact position.

Unless maybe a winged creature came by.  
Missy kills winged creatures.  
Just ask my 7 dearly departed guinea hens.  
Oh well, having a wonderful dog was higher on my priority list.

 The pond is one of Clyde's favorite places.  He'll just sit and survey.  
He particularly enjoys watching and participating in fishing.  
You have to be careful where the lure goes.  
I'm sure he'll be hooked one of these days while we're casting.

"Ah, it's good to be king."

 Missy on the other hand...

"It's good to adore you, wonderful human."

You know that's what they are thinking.

Charissa stands on the table and sings,

"Go tew it on deh mowtin, ober dah hi-ows an ewewhey-er!"

And Brandt and I go swinging.

It was a beautiful day!  Wish you could have been here, too.


Beth Ann Zeller said...

You bundled up when it was 70*???? -10 here this morning. Remember, it IS great to be an Oklahoman sometimes. Lovely pics of my sweet grandbabies.

Bonnie said...

Hello, my name is Bonnie. I found your blog by way of Pioneer Woman in the comments. I enjoyed browsing through your blog! Your children are so adorable! We had some warm weather here too yesterday and today...54 degrees...very, very unusual for Pennsylvania! Looks like your children and pets had fun getting out in the mild weather!