Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We're Bringing Back the Pudding Cap

I'm going crazy.  

As you saw in a previous post, Brandt has started pulling up on things.  Now, considering that the boy can't sit for more than 10 seconds and that is only when I forcefully bend him in half, he has obviously not learned how to land on his gluteus maximus.

So he falls like a tree and lands on the next biggest thing...his sweet little head.

Today he landed on his head to many times to count.  Usually this is on carpet but today he fell twice in the kitchen (linoleum) and once in the bathroom (ceramic tile).

So I have decided to bring back the *pudding cap*, a padded hat from the 17th century designed for babies to prevent their brains from becoming pudding.

Don't you love old expressions?

Out of pure desperation, I put on his fleece stocking cap.  I took him outside for pictures but he has been wearing it a good part of the day inside.  I don't know how effective it is but it helps me to think I'm doing SOMETHING.  

Plus, it's cute.

"My head: it is ouchy."
*thinks to self* she sure is paranoid...
"Don't worry, Mama, I'll be okay."

Yeah, I know you will, big guy.  Just stay in one piece.

And for pity's sake, learn to land on your bum, you're making me old.


Beth Ann Zeller said...

I remember that stage... several times over. He needs a cushier hat. I'll have to put Katherine on that one. Maybe bulky yarn... Poor baby. Kisses from Nana.

Erika said...

Well I can't say it gets better, the boy in them still doesn't seem to care if they RUN into walls, after 11 months of moving, I thought he would eventually figure it out, but no. Not even kinda. His head looks just as bad as it did when he was learning to stand. And Adam was seriously looking into getting him a helmet, because you can only handle so many bangs to the noggin.