Monday, December 6, 2010

A Preposition

I love talking to Charissa about the meaning of Christmas.  The story of the Nativity in words a child can understand are so simple and yet so awe inspiring.  I never tire of it.  I never tire of telling her about my Savior, the One I pray she will know and love someday just like her mama and daddy do. 

Jesus came because no one on this earth can save themselves from dying.

Jesus was born in a stable because He loves even the people who don't have homes.  He doesn't care what we wear, or were we live, or what we look like.  He came for people from everywhere.

Jesus came so He could die on the cross.  It was the only way to take away all the bad things we've done.

But after He died, He rose again because He took away death.
Anyone that believes what He did will never die.  They will go to heaven to be with Him forever.

And it will be more wonderful than we can ever think of.


Charissa likes to tell me parts of the story but whenever she tells me about the resurrection, she switches a preposition.  

Instead of saying "He rose from the dead" she says, "He rose for the dead."

The first time she said it, I almost corrected her.  Then I thought about it...  

- Jesus was truly dead and so He rose from the dead.  
- But the only reason He rose was for us, those that are dead in sin. We are dead without Him.

And once again, I find myself amazed at what God can teach me through my sweet two year old.

During this advent season ponder:

- We are dead without this Birth -

That phrase leaves enough for me to think on for at least 25 days of the year.  
The 340 days left over could keep pretty occupied too.

May God be with you as we anticipate His Birthday.



Anonymous said...

Usually the most simple things are the most profound. Thanks for this Hannah. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That last post was from me, James. Apparently I don't understand how to post comments on a blog as myself, even though I'm officially a follower of the blog.