Tuesday, December 28, 2010


- Charissa got organic bubble bath in her stocking.  I was surprised at how bubbly it gets and the kiddos love it :-)

- I just found Brandt in the bathroom eating toilet paper with the rest of the roll strewn on the floor. 

- Charissa was given an enormous chocolate lollipop from a friend.  She just finished it after 2 hours of sucking, chewing, and attempted-Brandt-feedings.   I think I'll just throw the whole house into our washer ...including Brandt. 

- I polished the hard water stains off all our glasses with hot vinegar water this morning but every dirty dish since Sunday is still on my counter.  In neat stacks, mind you.  I think I got every dish in the house dirty three times in the past 4 days.  We're still eating leftovers, so it was worth it.  But I still need to do dishes.

- I have three paper cut wounds from opening Christmas cards.  Isn't that pathetic?

- If you look closely at the picture below, someone has started writing the letter 'C'.  Yay, Miss C!

See the 'C's?
- Brandt is wearing 18 month pants and he's only 8 months old.  I finally decided to start feeding him solids regularly in an attempt to have him sleep through the night, but with more food and at the rate he's growing, he'll be in the NFL draft at age 10.  This kid isn't even close to fat.  He's a solid rock.  Charissa's chest measures 19" and Brandt's is 18".

- I made the most amazing frosting ever for Doug's birthday cake on Sunday.  I'll have to share it with you later since I'm not about to make it again anytime soon for the how-to pictures.  Well, maybe I'll have to tell you anyway since I can't deprive you much longer.

- We have an amazing collection of animal bones in our front yard thanks to the taxidermist up the street and our two rogue dogs.  Rib cages.  There are rib cages in my front yard.  It's like a horror flick.

- The Christmas cards are now New Year cards.  Here's hoping...


Beth Ann Zeller said...

I am her proud Nana, so yes, I DO see those Cs! :)

Sarah said...

Citric Acid is great to get hard water stains off of glasses and dishes. You can get it in the spice section of a bulk foods store.

Hannah said...

Good to know, Sarah! Thanks. Can you add it to your dishwasher as a cheap rinse agent?