Thursday, September 1, 2011

The GB Update

Some of you might remember that I have an ornery gallbladder, so I was doing the cleanse from "The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" written by Andreas Moritz and would report back to you.  I am still not completely finished - I started at 6pm yesterday - but as it has been almost 24 hours, I wanted to say that I have lost 50-60 gallstones ranging in size from my pinkie fingernail to my thumbnail and some were slightly larger than that.  I'm sure I will lose more in the next few hours.  So here's a little Q & A and please ask more in the comments if you want to know!

Q: Was it painful?
A: No, it wasn't painful at all.  I had a bout of nausea during the night which was followed by some small cramps, but right then, I passed my first 10 stones.  The book mentions possible nausea and I think it might have been because I snuck peanut butter cookie right when I was supposed to stop eating the day before (1:30pm).  Moritz warns that eating fat on the day of the cleanse can lead to nausea.

Q: Was the peanut butter cookie worth it?
A:  NO.  Nope.  Nada.  I repent.

Q: What does a gallstone look like?  
A: They are a lovely pea green and are varied in shape. Most will float on the surface of the water unless it is calcified which will cause it to sink.  I didn't notice any calcified ones this time.

Q: Will you do it again?
A: Yes, I plan on doing this cleanse every 3 weeks until I am stone free for two consecutive cleanses.  I will then do it every 6 months to keep my gallbladder/liver happy and ME healthy!  Keeping a healthy liver also prevents a multitude of other ailments and boasts the immune system.

Q: What was the hardest part?
A: Besides the nausea (which I probably could have avoided if I had behaved myself) drinking the Epsom salt was the hardest part.  That stuff is bitter, man!  With the last two doses, I let myself have a tiny lick of honey afterward which encouraged me to chug.  Using a straw way up in my mouth helped bypass my tastebuds.  The juice/olive oil cocktail didn't taste to bad, it was just a lot to drink, especially since I had just had a glass of water not to long before.  I had 10 minutes to finish it and completed it in 7 despite, and maybe because of, Doug making me laugh over and over and almost snorting it.

Q: Was it cool?
A: YEAH!  I mean seriously, it really was.  I was pretty proud.

Conclusion:  Compared to all the other effects of a whoaful gallbladder, this was quite simple and I'm very glad I did it.  I was a tad weak and sleepy today but I had the whole first season of "I Love Lucy", my sweet babies to read to, and rain outside.  God has created our bodies to heal themselves - that is incredible.  I'm thankful that my little gallbladder and liver put up with me and the things I've put them through.  I hope to keep them around for a long, long time and that this process will make me a better wife, mother and steward of what God has given me!

Something that is stressed throughout this book: DRINK WATER!  I know you hear it all the time, but the benefits are so profound!  Your gallbladder has to make over a quart of gall a day - that's 4 cups of fluid from the gallbladder alone, not to mention all the other things needing hydration!

So this is the challenge I have given myself:  Drink 8 cups of water (coffee, tea, soda don't count) daily for a week and see how much better I feel because of it!  I think my body will be thanking me :-)

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