Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Does a Buffalo Say?

Brandt woke at the crack of dawn today.  As I went to the front porch to put his diaper in the bucket, I spooked a bull moose standing very close to our porch.  Brandt and I watched the moose mosey on through the willows and back into the dense woods.  I thought about my camera but there are some moments so natural and beautiful I know a camera just couldn't do it justice.  This was one of those times. 

But a bit later, after we had finished breakfast, we noticed some more visitors - three huge buffalo bulls were having a little conference in our meadow. 

We ran outside to watch.

It's a pretty view to begin with...

Now, since moving here, we have seen literally hundreds of buffalo.  There are just scores and scores of them in the Lamar River Valley when you drive into the Park (Yellowstone that is, we all call it "the Park") and we have occasionally taken a little trip just to watch them.  Did you know they are the largest land mammal in North America?  Here's a close up of one sad daddy.  Kind of like most animals around here, they have quite the attitude.  I've heard the winters can do that to ya.

Well, buffalo are officially Brandt's favorite animal in the world.  Buffalo in his backyard was a dream come true - right, buddy?

"I can't BELIEVE how amazing this is!"

Hey Brandt, what does the buffalo say?

"Whoo!  Whoo!"

Now, buffalo don't exactly say "whoo-whoo".  They actually sound more like a deep, drawn out belch.  But "whoo-whoo" is Brandt's interpretation.  He was so excited, he didn't really mind when they left - just kept speaking buffalo.


What a fun place to be a kid!

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