Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Zeller Adventure" Day 6

Ah, the last full day of together time.  Once again, we loaded up in the van but this time headed east up the Beartooth Mountain Pass.  A picnic next to Island Lake followed, and what a view we had!

A stack of burritos.

Adventure Man is quite the angler and he didn't let his lack of pole stop him from catching this cut throat trout with his hands.  Crazy guy!

After eating, we took a walk around part of the lake. 

Daddy and Brandt have a moment of manhood solitude.

We found MORE huckleberries!  This time, it was a smaller "scrub" variety than those we found at Clark's Fork.  Delicious!

Charissa and Lo-lo rest after their exhausting berry picking.

There was a stream feeding the lake and the kids decided to catch some more cut throat trout.

Strong Man caught one!

Look very closely.  This was seriously amazing.


Since we had obviously reached the ultimate in amazingness, we packed up the van and headed to Clark's Fork where we went on Day 4.  For some strange reason, the kids wanted to return so they could swim in the 40-something degree water.  They are wild Colorado kids.  What else can I say. 

The Scholar Man decided if he smeared mud all over his body, it would force him to get into the water to rinse it off.  It worked.  He dove right in.


"Weeee are the chaaampions, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!"  I'm also a champion but very happy that I, um, had to, er, document all of this which kept me safely (and warmly) on shore.

Peachy planks a boulder in the middle of the creek.  Rock on.

Brandt know this is what heaven will be like.  Mud, rocks, water, and no clothes.

Charissa had such a blast with her aunts and uncles!  What a wonderful last day together.

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