Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Zeller Adventure" Day 2

The day started with Dad discussing the difference between fairies and princesses with Lo-lo and Charissa,  then, it was a talk with Brandt regarding the plural of Hippopotamus.  It was a riveting conversation as you can see.

After breakfast, all 15 of us piled into our suburban for a drive requiring 4-wheel power.  
We fit perfectly!

Aunt Peachy and Brandt wore matching shirts.

The curly-haired fairy princesses picked wildflowers during out picnic.

Then we took a small hike to an old mine - the same one where we had found some neat rocks a couple weeks ago.

Boots whacks a rock - with proper eye protection, of course.  Safety first!

Safety... which is why Strong Man and Tall Man crawled into the old, collapsed mine.  Or, maybe that wasn't safe...

The Adventurer liked balancing on the old, rotten mine supports.

Just a little bit up the hill, we found the miner's cabin.  
The Explorer discovered an old chimney.

The view was spectacular!

Family pic!  This was after the unfortunate photographer fell down as she ran to get in the pic.

Charissa is trying to make the peace sign - hehe!

Deep in thought.

Strong Man climbed up the rock face.  That's Dad at the bottom with our big bag of "special rock".

We found these in a mountain pool.  Aren't they strange?  I've had dragonfly larvae, brine shrimp and triops babies suggested but I don't think any are correct.  This picture isn't upside down, this is how they swim.  Any ideas??

And now for your enjoyment, a video of my Dad sliding down a snowbank on a shovel.


Lisa said...

What fun! Thank you for sharing, Hannah! and many hugs to you and your bodacious family! :)

Heidi Zeller said...

Love, love, love! Dad's conversations with the kidos are precious!