Friday, September 30, 2011

A (lotta) Little Puppy Love

I have been working part-time housekeeping at Antlers Lodge these past couple weeks.  It has been fun to get out and get to work a couple hours each day.  Doug studies in the morning so the kids usually stay home but Charissa has joined me a couple times, carrying soap, scrubbing floors and feeling very, very important ;-)

Early this summer, Antlers lost a beloved friend and mascot, Jackson the St. Bernard.  While he will never be replaced, Antlers just wasn't complete without a gentle giant.  And so, Jackson Junior aka. "J.J." came to bring his own life, love and playfulness to the people of Cooke City.

This puppy is so much fun!  I love coming to work and seeing just how much he grew during the night - which seems to be about an inch per 24 hours.  It was hard to get a picture of him since he wanted to sprawl out in my lap but once he found this chunk of wood to chew on, he was preoccupied enough to get my camera within focusing distance.

"Yummy, yummy wood!"
Check out this paw!  It's the size of my whole palm!

This face makes me want to buy stock in dog food and go get one of my own.  I can hardly stand his cute, floppy, huggable-ness!

There is a lotta, little puppy love right here.
J.J., you will go far, sweet puppy friend!

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ojchase said...

You're working at a liquor store?!? Oh, wait, wrong Antlers ;)