Thursday, September 22, 2011

School Ideas: LeapFrog Letter Factory

I know there are some pretty strong opinions regarding the connection of movies and education.  I understand.  But I have to say, because of the infrequency in movie watching around here, Charissa thinks watching educational movies is the biggest privilege ever.  She is also learning her letter sounds very quickly thanks to this little gem:

This is such a cute movie.  Little Tad goes to help his dad at "The Letter Factory" where they train the letters.  Little Tad tours the factory with Professor Quigley and in each room learns to say the letter's sound with them.  They are so much fun - the 'A's have a monster jump out so they say "AH!", the 'E' can't hear very well so he says "eh?", the 'H' room is very hot so they all pant 'ha, ha' and so on.  Even Brandt is enthralled - his favorite letter is 'H' complete with tongue hanging out in a pant ;-)

I purchased this movie in a pack with two other movies and it came with a bonus set of alphabet flash cards.  Whenever Charissa watches the movie (and she BEGS to watch the movie), I have her set the cards in a stack next to her.  Each time the letter comes she picks up the card...

traces the letter...

and then places it in another stack to the side.

Here is the link to a video of the Alphabet Song at the end of the movie.
(Blogger doesn't want to embed it for some reason.)

I purchased my videos on Amazon (*blush*) HERE

I paid $20.99 for: 
- The Letter Factory (age 2-5)
- Let's Go to School (briefly touches on a variety of counting, alphabet, animal families, days, weeks, months, seasons, etc.  Recommended for ages 3-6. Charissa loves this one, too!)
- Talking Words Factory (I'm saving this for later so we haven't watched it yet. Ages 3-6)
- 26 flash cards with the letter's picture on one side and the printed upper and lower case letters on the other.

(Note: The 'K's are in Karate - I wanted to mention that when they are in that room, Professor Quigley makes a remark about "becoming one with the alphabet" in an Eastern-type way.  Nothing huge at all, but I know some could be sensitive to that.  Just in case.)

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