Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"The Zeller Adventure" Day 3

The day started with push-ups in the living room.  
Unfortunately, I couldn't join them as I had to take this picture.  
Ah, the sacrifices I make for photojournalism.
We piled into the family van (which had the correct number of seats, thankfully) and drove the full loop around Yellowstone National Park!

After seeing Mammoth Hot Springs, we had a picnic by a creek. 
Brandt thought if he ran at the water fast enough, 
he could walk across the surface!  
Or at least, that's what he appeared to be thinking.

We walked around one of the geyser basins and saw all kinds of bizarre things.

And then, of course, we had to go and see...

In the visitor's center, Lo-lo investigates the difference between the tooth enamel of an elk in the geyser basin and an elk outside of the geyser basin.  Elk around geysers wear out their teeth much quicker due to the softening of the enamel and the mineral deposits on much of their food.

Old Faithful erupts!

Lo-lo is too cool for the rest of us.

Judging by the tracks, I don't think the buffalo can read.  
And if they can, they aren't very obedient.

The beautiful scallops around one of the pools.

It was a little chilly, 
so some of the kids warmed their hands over a steam vent.

Castle Geyser!  
(far more impressive than 'Ol Faithful in my opinion)

Hanging out at the General Store on the knotty pine deck.

 We ate BBQ chicken off a portable grill on the banks of Lake Yellowstone.  
So beautiful!

Don't worry, Brandt.  Some day you will keep up with The Adventurer and Explorer.  Your legs will have to grow a bit...and you might have to hook yourself up to an IV of pure sugar.

My beautiful Mommy, sister and me :-)  God has placed some amazing women in my life and I'm blessed to be related to many of them!

We had a wonderful day.  

It was made more wonderful by no one falling into a boiling pit of water.  

That might have ruined the mood.


Kathy said...

I'm loving your vacation with your family! I'd love to see Yellowstone one day. Enjoy your time together! I know you will.

Heidi Zeller said...

It took me to picture number 6 or more to realize daddy's beard! I was just saying to someone the other day that he probably had one now that he's been retired for a bit :-). The family pics are great!! This blog brought forth longings for the fam. that I usually try to push down so I won't miss you all SO much! But it makes me happy to see!