Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Zeller Adventure" Last Day :-(

What a sad day :-(  Nana had made all the girls matching dresses or skirts which we wore to the chapel service.  Doug preached and Dad spoke about Sangre de Cristo Seminary, where he is president. 

Charissa was so sad to say goodbye.  I had to call her back from the house a couple times because she kept running there to hide her sadness.  Poor baby.

Strong Man, always one to bring smiles, demonstrated the proper use of neck pillows to try and coax some happiness out of the situation.

Dad was on the van strapping everything down, and he saw his opportunity.  He planked the suitcases.  This brought some good laughter, and with that, everyone loaded up in the van and we said good-bye.

What a precious time we had together.  I am so blessed to call some of the greatest people I know "my family"!

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Libba said...

That is HILARIOUS. I can't believe your dad planked. Awesome.