Friday, September 9, 2011

"The Zeller Adventure" Day 4

I didn't update my blog yesterday because my family brought the 7 hour BBC version of "Little Dorrit" and we've been watching it every night since they got here.  They had already watched the first two hours before they came, so for a little while I was kind of ignoring the movie because I didn't really know what was going on anyway.  But then, I became riveted and everything, including even my beloved blogging, fell to the wayside.  I'm one of those annoying movie-watcher-people that speaks directly to every person on the screen with topics ranging from my opinion on their dress choice to small lectures in moral character to yelling out what I think the end will be.  The last topic, as you can imagine, was taking all my time since "Little Dorrit" is a Dickens novel and has quite a twist at the end. 

All that to say, I didn't blog yesterday because I was watching "Little Dorrit" while alternately beating a pillow and blowing my nose.  So without further ado, yesterday's blog post which I am completing today.

We went to the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone to see the old flume and power plant that provided electricity for the mining community in the early 1900's.  It's a beautiful spot as you can see.

Adventure Man has such a great smile, don't you think?

The old power plant ruins.

Strong Man waded across the creek even though he wasn't quite tall enough.  Ironically, Tall Man decided to crossed the bridge downstream instead of wade.  

 Bean's legs weren't long enough.

In true Zeller fashion, my Dad decided to follow the old water flume trail up to its origin.  We had to cross a pretty gnarly log jam to get there.

 At the end of the flume was a pond created by the flume dam.  We (as in everyone but me) skipped rocks.  Peachy was pretty proud of her 5 skips.

This was a silly face picture but Peachy and Bean missed the memo.

The flume dam.

The old flume supports - we can fly!


Huckleberries taste like a blueberry with a hint of raspberry.
Or something like that.
Basically, they are yummy! 

It takes a lot of them to fill a nalgene bottle.

Huckleberry hands!

Day 5, which is today, will have to wait because Doug just got back with the older kids.  They were playing pool at the saloon and dragging main (small town excitement) so I'm going to bed and will post today's post tomorrow which will then make it yesterday's post and probably bump tomorrow's today post to the next tomorrow making it another yesterday's post. 

Unless we start another 7 hour BBC special, in which case, I will have to resort to toilet paper since the tissues are all gone and you might see a couple more yesterday's posts.



Heidi Zeller said...

Oh Hanny! I hope you loved Little Dorrit! Quite the mystery to watch, though oddly enough, in the end, it seems so simple.

Oh the adventure!! I love your commentary on our family and the aliases given to all are the best!

Love you and can't wait for today's "yesterday" post :-D

Heidi Zeller said...

Are there "Zeller Adventure" Day 5 and 6?? I'm longing to hear! Love you big sister <3

Jamie Laslo said...

Remember when you threw the pillow at the TV right past Doug McNutt's head while watching Sense and Sensibility?!?! And you'd already seen it a few times! Lol. Little Dorrit is perhaps number 3 on my "best BBC miniseries ever" list. Have you seen Downton Abbey? That is my number one.