Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Ideas: Growing

Charissa is only three, but it's never to early to start learning.  I know this is a very common idea, but I want to encourage you to start growing something with your child, if you haven't already.  This flower box and potting soil where here when we arrived and a friend gave me some lettuce seeds.  Check out Goodwill or garage sales to find a flowerbox - they are much cheaper that way! 

This is a super easy project and produces tangible results.  I will bring them indoors once it gets to cold and it will (hopefully) help to put fresh, green lettuce on our table throughout the winter months.  I'll have a light on them during the darker hours.  I planted one length of the box and then, three weeks later, sowed a second length.  That way, we will have a "staggered crop" of fresh salad for an extended period of time. 

Charissa remembers to water them far more faithfully than I do.  This age is so wonderful - they learn without even knowing it!

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