Monday, October 25, 2010


It's been half a year since our baby boy joined the family.  He was born at home, one of my greatest wishes come true.  At the risk of sounding completely cliche, I cannot believe it's already been that long.  And I absolutely cannot imagine life without him.

I call him "Angel-Baby" because, as long as he is near mama, he is the happiest baby on earth.  Observe...


You are such a precious gift from God.  We thank Him for the merry spirit He has placed in you, for your determined personality, and that you are ours to raise.  We pray that even now, you would know the love of your Heavenly Father and that you would never know a day that you do not trust in Him.  Our heart's desire is that you would know Him as your Savior and worship Him with your life.  The love we have for you is overwhelming, but we know that you are completely the Lord's child.  Even now, the joy you share is a blessing to those around you.  May you continue to share it for many years to come. 

Happy 1/2 Birthday 
my Son!

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