Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Care and Keeping

 This is a Happy Baby. 

Bounce a Happy Baby on your knee while saying the following:
"This is the way the Gentlemen ride,
Gallop-a-trot!  Gallop-a-trot!
This is the way the Ladies ride,
Trot-trot!  Trot-trot!  Trot-trot!
This is the way the Farmers ride,
Hobble-dee-hoy! Hobble-dee-hoy! Hobble-dee-hoy!"

 This is a Neck Roll.


Kiss the Neck Roll at least 20 times daily.

 Directly above said Neck Roll is The Ear.

Nibble The Ear as often as you can.  
WARNING: this practice is extremely addicting.
(Please note the laundry on the couch.  Actually, please don't.)


 Is a Bed Head.

I have absolutely no recommendation.

Except to tickle her.


Julie said...

You make my life happier Hannah:)

Angie said...

We give out multiple "fart kisses" to those lovely neck rolls every chance we get!!

Beth Ann Zeller said...

SO cute! We HAVE to figure out how I am getting copies of all of these pics!!

Hannah said...

Julie - YOU make my life happier :-D

Angie - as it should be ;-)

Mom - I'm trying to update our Shutterfly account and then keep it updated. That's the goal anyway...