Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Moments

This morning we had our Oklahoma Parents as Teachers appointment.  Charissa loves playing with their kitchen, Brandt enjoys charming our sweet OPAT lady, Amy, and I enjoy visiting with a knowledgeable mommy-friend to verify that, yes, my children ARE normal!  Then she gives me great tips on how to interact with them at their developmental age. 

Yay for OPAT!


- I found 3 sweaters, 3 pants and 1 overall for Brandt in like-new condition from a craigslist add.
- We bought 20 books for $5 at our wonderful local library book sale.  They are adorable!  I will have to show you my favorite.  It brought tears to my eyes :-)

Once home, Charissa went down for her nap but my sweet Brandt wasn't having it.  I put him in bed and he screamed and screamed. 


Now, I'm not going to lie.  I was kind of (read REALLY) interested in taking a nap myself.  Brandt has been up sometimes every hour for the past few nights.  I think he's teething.  I've been saying that for a month now...I think.

But I finally picked him up and on the spur of a moment took him outside.

We danced.  We sang.  We picked green beans and he chewed one while I bounced him to "This is the Way the Ladies Ride."  I told him I love-ah mah Bubby.  Yes sir, I do.  I told him God loves him, too, and made the beautiful day for us to enjoy. 

Then he fell asleep in my arms.

When I put him back in bed, Charissa woke up, so we read some of her new books.

I guess these moments are just waiting to be made. 

(And the oatmeal from breakfast petrified on the dining room table. And the laundry sat in it's basket.)

I'll nap when they're in college.  In between crying my eyes out.


Ang said...

Okay seriously, you're awesome!! Here I am unloading the horendous screaming at our house and you've been waking up all the time at night!! In a year from now we'll be saying how we miss "those" days (now) when all they needed was mommy and her lovin!

Hannah said...

Lol, oh, I am totally NOT awesome. He was pretty decent Monday night, only woke once but the three night before he was up every hour or every other hour.

We will miss these days I have no doubt. That's why I'm keeping a blog so I can remember them since I'm sure sleep deprivation is going to remove a lot of it from my mind - hehe ;-D

Sarah :) said...

thank you for telling us that last part. I'm still struggling to feel like I get a "normal" amount done per day when 2 (or less) out of 10 things on my list get done a day...

...so it makes me feel better to know that it's normal for other people too.

Hannah said...

Oh yes, I certainly DON'T get everything I want to get done, done in a day. But I'm trying to accept that somethings are more important - like hanging out with Brandt, for instance ;-) It's still tempting to let everything go, though, and then NOTHING gets done, so I have to work on being disciplined in all areas.