Wednesday, October 6, 2010

25 Pounds of Carrots?!?

What do you do with 25 pounds of carrots?!

Have your toddler pose with it.

Watch her try to pick it up.

Take pictures of the really weird ones.

Make 2 gallon ziplocks of carrot coins and 4 quart ziplocks of shredded.

Make 24 pint jars & 1 quart of babyfood.

Make a carrot cake with the shredded carrot (left).

Kiss your food processor and tenderly wipe it clean.

Because your insane, boil two chickens, make a chicken pot pie and freeze the rest of the chicken.

Pass out.

Vow you will avoid the color orange for the rest of your life.

Until tomorrow.  The pumpkins await.


Renia said...

I miss this part of life.... Pumpkin pie sounds good. I love the shreded carrots. I do not get to do much with carrots as except for cold ones hubby does not like them and neither do the kids. THey are my occational indulgance. love the sticks with PB and Honey.

Julie said...

Sweet heavens Hannah!! How in the world did you accomplish all of that in one day while taking care of a toddler and a baby?! Also totally motivated me to go buy 25lbs of carrots. I only think to juice them. Awesome.

Hannah said...

Renia - mmmm, with PB and honey! Sounds lovely! When I actually want to look at a carrot again, I'll have to try that :-D

Julie - Verrrrry slooooowly, haha! I bought mine through our co-op. If I had a juicer, I'd love to juice them! This was a bag of 2nds so I believe they were meant for juicing.

Jamie Laslo said...

I passed out after the shredding part. But now I really want a carrot cake. (And might I add that years ago you made fun of me for wanting to make 150 bran muffins...)

Hannah said...

HA! Oh, Jamie. You were like Lady Homemaker on steroids! You sure took your wife-to-be training seriously. Good times, good times. I still see you pounding the bran flakes with a rolling pin...

Come have some carrot cake anytime :-) It's whole wheat, zuchini and sucanat - quite a bit left over!