Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dilemma: No Longer!

You remember Jack, right?

You remember that he isn't our dog, but he lives here, but I want to neuter him, but I might get sued (according to my friend) for neutering someone elses dog? 
And I promise it would have been surgically.

"Don't TALK about it!"
Right, sorry Jack.

Then I told you about how I randomly met his owner and I thought she kind of sort of gave him to us but I wasn't so sure we could take him?  Of if she was serious?

Well!  The problem is solved!  Our sweet neighbors across the street offered to take him as their own and feed him, clothe him, and put a roof over his head.  Oh, and neuter/vaccinate him.  (Maybe not the clothe, thing).  Our dog Missy is half theirs anyway.  She splits her time between us and them. 

We both have kids.  Missy and Jack love and adore kids.

So today I drove by the home of Jack's owner's daughter who lives in town and his owner was there watching her grandbabies (sorry if I lost you there.  It does make sense, I promise).  I asked her if she was serious about giving us Jack and she said yes.  So I called our neighbor and officially bequeathed Jack unto them.

I'm so glad Jack has a loving family and I'm also glad he'll still be around. 

Cause we like him.

The End

(don't you love happy endings?)


Anonymous said...

So, did he get "snipped"??

Hannah said...

Well, I believe it is in the plan :-)