Monday, October 4, 2010

The Park & the Pond with Auntie A.

Doug's sister came this past weekend.  She is a senior nursing student attending college about 5 hours from our home.  Charissa was so happy that "My A-A" came to see her (and her parents loved visiting, too!).

On Friday we all went to the park.  We have a playgroup that meets Friday mornings.  My friend Angela and her daughter were there.

Every article of clothing Charissa owns is from this sweet little cheeseball.  It's an ENORMOUS blessing and I thank the Lord every day!  (Well, at least once a week...)

A-A spots our daring Charissa.


and down - on top of Mama!

A train track runs right past the park and a big train came by.  Brandt wasn't so sure what to make of it.

"Wow!  That thing is loud!"

"Uh, Mama?  Should I be scared?"

"HA!  You can't scare me, big 'ol choo-choo! 
Just you try messing with me!"
"Yep.  I really showed him."


and tickling!

"Push me willy, willy HIGH, A!"

That evening, Doug and Andrea both went fishing - and caught fish at the same time! We had them for lunch the next day.

Kitty Clyde was terribly interested in what was going on.

Andrea's was a little bit bigger.  I had Doug put his hand down for perspective.

The fish weren't caught in time for dinner, but I made some pork stir-fry and we ate by the pond.  Charissa was pretty excited as you can tell.

Then I asked Andrea to take an honest-to-goodness picture of me and Doug together since I'm always behind the camera.

We went back in the house and ate homemade vanilla ice cream to celebrate Auntie A being with us.  It was a wonderful visit :-)

We love you, Auntie A!!!


Julie said...

Could your life get any sweeter? I do not think so:)

Hannah said...

We are very, VERY blessed that's for sure, Julie!