Friday, October 1, 2010


"The Picture Smile" (again)
Our peppers have been fantastic this year.  I almost wish they would STOP producing (but not really)!  We have bags of frozen peppers in the freezer for later this winter which will be a huge blessing.  In the meantime, Miss C helped me pick these and take them to our wonderful neighbors.  Gotta share the bounty!


Libba said...

WOAH! will you post a picture of the plants? how do you teach yourself about veggie gardening. i'd like to plant one but honestly don't know where to begin.

Hannah said...

These peppers have been so easy to grow, Libba! They have been the best with bugs and heat. Doug made me some raised beds and they are really the way to go. I'll make a garden post soon before the frost hits! Gardening has been so much fun for all of us.