Monday, October 11, 2010

Turtle Rock Farm

Today we had a field trip with our playgroup/homeschool buddies.
There was so much to do and they absolutely loved it. 

First, they all put dirt in a pot and planted radishes.

See our pretty dirt!
(Abigail, Elli & Charissa)
 We went outside and the children picked organic apples from a tree.

A beautiful, dewy spider web!
Pull hard, Charissa!
They trotted down to the pond to see if they could find turtles and bullfrogs.

Do you see the happy bullfrog?
After this, we went down the road to meet some farm animals. 
They fed the chicken a wormy apple.

An egg!  
 If she looks triumphant, it's because everyone else wanted to hold it. 

This is Mr. Darcy, the alpaca.

He was very happy to see us.  I think.

"Charissa, I love you!  Most ardently!"
Turtle Rock Farm focuses on sustainable living.  They had built a straw bale house!

128 bales.  It had a composting toilet!
A little peek hole to see what was inside.
Near the strawbale house was a tipi.  Or a "pee-pee" as the girls called it (ha!).

It was nice and warm in the tipi.  Maybe we should all live in tipis.

On the way home, we ate organic apples.

Thank you, Ann and Pat at Turtle Rock Farm, for a wonderful visit!


Angie said...

Love the picture of you and Mr. B!! It really was a great field trip! I think Ann and Pat were suprised by the girls! They were little "sponges" today!

Hannah said...

It is so rare to have a recent picture of me since I'm always behind the camera. Thanks for getting him to smile :-) They certainly were sponges - I'm glad the ladies had a good experience with their youngest group ever with very few melt-downs ;-)

Pat at Turtle Rock Farm said...

Thanks for bringing the children. They are wonderful - and what great moms they have! There's hope when a new generation is happy in nature.